ACW’s Story

As salaam alakium wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuh.

 Meet the Owner Mira. I am a mother, a nurse and an entrepreneur. By the grace of Allah, i started this journey by saving the funds from my job as a nurse to invest in my dreams to be an abaya designer/business owner. Our brand ACWW is built on nothing but hard work. No business loans, grants or sponsors. Alhumdilliah. 

I've always had the vision now I have the courage. The Luxury Brand  “A Covered Woman's Wardrobe” was created and launched in May 2020. Luxury meaning the experience of shopping with us is nothing but pleasure. From the quality of the items to the customer service, to the time that the orders are shipped out etc.) We strive for excellence in all departments of our brand.

I am a Muslim woman who desires to share her modest yet fashionable garments for her sisters in Islam. I know the importance of staying covered, so if I can add a little detail and textured fabrics to hijab to make women feel beautiful and confident without having to ( show their body off ) then I will, I must. Us Muslim women must know that we are of High Value, that we are worthy.

I am Normalizing Covered Women In Luxury. First impressions are everything, and with that is “sight”  dress well, clean and then speak a good word.

May Allah bless and reward all the sisters with goodness who strive to change themselves for the sake of him. May he also increase us in Iman- Ameen 

Shukran for taking the time out to read about our brand ♥️